Cool table lamps would be such a good little addition to the overall style of your interior design. There are so many table lamps available that you can pick at any stores actually. Yet they are all having such an ordinary and normal design that make them not really cool and good looking anymore. If you are a person who feels like the ordinary table lamp design is not quite cool enough then you should probably make your own table lamps. You can create the most unique design of table lamp that no one else could probably have that in their house

One particular idea cool table lamps is by using plumbing pipes to make one. Just remember to prepare the three main things needed in making your very own table lamps which are bulb, wire, and tap. Then in making the plumbing pipes table lamp, prepare the right size and amount of plumbing pipes. Get the design you want then do some measurements before actually constructing it. Once you have done making the shape you can color the pipes with the color you want for more personal touch of yourself. Thus the plumbing pipes table lamp is one good option for any of you looking for table lamps cool and also unique

Another great idea of making your own unique and cool lamps table is by using unused motorcycle parts for it. The most common parts used are the shock absorber for its length. The short length of motorcycle shock absorbers would make it just right for the table lamps pole. Simply look for the unused parts at the local junk yard or garage to get the one you really like. Clean it up then you can also paint it as well. You can use the disk brake as the base of the lamp as well. You will have such
unique and cool table lamps

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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