Are you tired of handling the tight space in the bedroom? It is probably the right time for you to change the appearance by having new color schemes and chic prints. There are many ideas for decorating small bedroom in the home magazines. But not all of them can be applied at once due to the unique character of a bedroom at home. The power of color will make the small space look bigger and larger. If the bedroom looks larger, the occupants will be comfortable sleeping and doing other activities like studying and playing games

Use Cool Colors
The first idea to create ample look is by using cool colors. They can trick the eyes and create bigger impression in a tight room. The most popular tone to have is white. You may apply vintage white or creamy white on the wall. If you want other options, pick the soft blue, sage green or even salmon pink. The purple tone is also nice to apply on the wall. Choose the lighter version of purple in lavender or lilac tone

Stunning Glossy Finish
Another character that you can apply inside small bedroom is the glossy finish. It can be achieved by adding a frameless mirror as a part of bedroom wall decor. Or you can decorate the wall with semi gloss finished paint color. It will reflect the light and create larger impression. If the glossy paint on the wall looks too much, you can have the glossy finished furniture. For instance, you can set a black glossy side table and wardrobe in the room

Zigzag Patterns
If the bedroom is only filled with light colors, it will be boring to view. You can add a low level of energetic feeling by adding a unique pattern. The zigzag pattern can be applied on the accent wall. Cover one wall with the combination of teal and soft grey zigzag wallpaper. The other walls are nice to paint in white. If it is too complicated to place the wallpaper, skip the idea. Incorporate the idea by spreading black and white zigzag carpet or draping stylish zigzag curtain on the windows

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