A small lawn by the street is the considered as the common spot for decorating a front yard. It is considered as the conventional decoration since today there are many options to enhance the beauty and style of landscape other than having a small lawn. Why don’t you escape from the bland look of a traditional lawn? There is no need to spend a huge amount of money because treating the small yard using the brilliant landscaping ideas is very easy to do. Create a soothing environment with simple landscape ideas. The modern ones are excellent to have. If you have an English country, ranch or colonial home design, opt for the vintage styled landscape. Here are three ideas for perfect landscape:
Flowers At The Front Yard
Build the pleasant feeling when the guests are about to reach the front door of the house. The area near the picket fences will be perfect to decorate with colorful flowers in blue, white, red, and orange. If you want to evoke romantic feeling along the front yard, plant the hot red roses. They will attract the attention of the guests at once when they enter the house. You can plant the flowers directly on the soil or you can put them inside the clay pots.

Fabulous Driveways
If you have a very large front yard, it must be decorated with a stylish driveway design. You can install pavers, brick or even concrete for the driveway installation. This feature will never look boring if you place bushes in the similar color and type along the driveway. If you want to enjoy casual effect, the bushes can come in different colors.

If you are interested to have a yearly around garden decoration, opt for the flowers which can grow well in any kinds of seasons. Lily is one of the flowers to choose. It grows well in any kinds of climate. You can enjoy relaxing aroma because of the special fragrant of lilies. To make lilies look attractive during the dark hours, don’t forget to set the LED lights. Some string lights on the trees can increase the beauty of front yard decoration too.

:Here some examples 

Photo by Shelley Pauls on Unsplash

 Photo by Jennifer Marcus on Unsplash
green outdoor plant
 Photo by Ben Ashby on Unsplash                            
pink flowers in front of white house
 Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash
white concrete pathway near green field viewing body of water
 Photo by Garth Manthe on Unsplash

Photo by Jalen Hueser on Unsplash
white wooden fence

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